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Dit is hoe Meta geld kan verdienen in Metaverse
Bron: AdobeStock / Romain TALONFacebook's moederbedrijf Meta heeft onlangs een reeks nieuwe patenten in de VS gekregen die nieuwe details onthullen over zijn plannen voor het uitbouwen van technologieën voor...

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@Crypto_Ed_NL • Jan 20
Let's see on US open if SP500 understands what to do with a green box. Check 2nd chart for the correlation.

What Bitcoin Did
@What Bitcoin Did • Jan 20
Around 300 banks to enable buying #BTC Gradually, then suddenly...

Potential support for $HTR?

Laura Shin
@Laura Shin • Jan 20
Excited to participate in this! 👇🏻

@Crypto_Ed_NL • Jan 20
This is why I'm using TweetDeck. I don't need to follow tons of people but still the most important stuff in the…

What Bitcoin Did
@What Bitcoin Did • Jan 20
“The global mining industry’s sustainable electricity mix had grown to approx. 58.5%…making it one of the most sust…

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$XCAD making a new all-time high. Well done!

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