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La difficoltà del mining di BTC raggiunge un nuovo massimo
La difficoltà del mining di Bitcoin probabilmente raggiungerà il suo massimo storico tra meno di un giorno, intaccando i margini di profitto già in calo.

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Kraken Exchange
@Kraken Exchange • gen 20
😵‍💫 How many times a day do you check the cryptocurrency prices?

@Lisk • gen 20
It's time to release Lisk Service v0.6.0 💡 It introduces an export functionality that allows users to download acc…

@Bitfinex • gen 20
MATIC is now available for staking on Bitfinex. To support Bitfinex community staking for MATIC, @0xPolygon has del…

Adam Back
@Adam Back • gen 20

@Bitstamp • gen 20
We’re among the first crypto exchanges to offer governance rewards under the new $ALGO #staking program. Better AP…

Don Tapscott
@Don Tapscott • gen 20
Well said Alex.

Chris Burniske
@Chris Burniske • gen 20
We run more experiments, innovation iterates faster, the strongest emerge & we win the future

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