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Lettssssssssssssssssss go! We've got a new live stream, in one hour, ready for you. Link:…

@Crypto_Ed_NL • jan 17
Looks like #BTC is going for that leg lower. We are short

What Bitcoin Did
@What Bitcoin Did • jan 17
Download: → iTunes: → Spotify: → Deezer: →…

Laura Shin
@Laura Shin • jan 17
On Friday’s @Unchained_pod, @iamDCinvestor made an interesting distinction about when he considers royalties to cre…

Honestly, it would make a lot of sense. This cycle is longer than the previous one. The 4-year cycles aren't happ…

People rushing into $ADA at this point, while it's already running. If I'd be interested, I'd wait for additional…

What Bitcoin Did
@What Bitcoin Did • jan 17
Thanks to: → Sponsors @Gemini + @blockfi + @sportsbetio + @CasaHODL + @Ledger + @compass_mining + @BCBcrypto +…

What Bitcoin Did
@What Bitcoin Did • jan 17
“The very first sentence of the White Paper says that Bitcoin is a peer to peer electronic cash system that can all…

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