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BTC e ETH: movimenti a breve termine e previsioni successive
Alcuni analisti affermano che i movimenti a breve termine di BTC e ETH segnaleranno ulteriori mosse nella stessa direzione.

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A Very Scary Start to the #Bitcoin Price!

Ser Jeff Garzik
@Ser Jeff Garzik • gen 17
Nice! The @VesperFi rocket is now a real, physical object. #3Dprinting #DeFi #NFT

@vitalik.eth • gen 17
Excellent paper by some researchers at Peking University and Duke University on the consequences of EIP 1559. Parti…

Kraken Exchange
@Kraken Exchange • gen 17
Though China accounted for most of Bitcoin’s hash rate throughout history, the country flipped the script in May 20…

@Bitfinex • gen 17
💳 Buying #crypto with your payment cards on #Bitfinex? Check out the latest fiat options via the following provide…

Willy Woo
@Willy Woo • gen 17
Who are the best quant trading firms in the industry? Working on a new project. If you’re a quant fund, market neut…

Don Tapscott
@Don Tapscott • gen 17
At the BRI, we are pleased to collaborate with companies like Sovereign Wallet Network and MetaMUI who are paving t…

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